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Nail Treatments


Try our ‘Touch of French Gel Manicure


Nails are soaked and cuticles tidied and nail plates are evenly buffed and filed to create a nice shape.  Then a gel polish application is applied, cured and the finishing touch is given, letting you experience a relaxing hand massage to rejuvenate the skin and oil to be added to the cuticles for extra Tender Loving Care!

Try our ‘Touch of French Pedicure


Feet are soaked, dead skin buffed, nails clipped and cuticles tidied.  Then a gel polish is applied and cured, finishing off with a lovely foot and lower leg massage.

Lash Treatments


Try our Lash Lifting Treatments and Semi Permanent Lash Extensions.


Please make sure that no eye make up or lash glue (glue on lashes) is worn to your lash appointment. Reason being it will delay your lash technician with your lash treatment having to remove this and can also affect the lash adhesion when carrying out the treatment.




More lash treatment will be available by the summer of 2018 including volume lashes and Russian.